We offer kayak rental for individuals and groups.

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One LUX seat per adult


2 LUX seats for two adults and space for one child up to 10 years.


For fishing or hunting

For an additional fee, kayaks can be transported to the desired destination (Gauja River – Latvia, Ahja River – Estonia)

The number of kilometres travelled is calculated both ways, price 0.20 EUR/km

Go on an unforgettable adventure with your family, friends, work colleagues or
in the company of other kayakers, which perfectly combines relaxation in nature with a little exercise
activity. Pleasant sun rays gently caressing your face, warm water to dip your hands in,
pleasant breeze to relax the scents filled with nature and moderate exercise to make you forget all
the worries of everyday life, as well as provide new and unforgettable emotions and positive recharging
for the rest of the day. Boaters will enjoy unforgettable views of nature
boating on the Gauja or Salaca rivers on the Latvian side, or go to another country and boat on
The Ahyan River on the Estonian side.


The Gauja is Latvia’s most popular navigable river, which casts a snaking circle through Vidzeme as a whole
accumulating 440 meandering kilometres of flow, while at the same time the air line between the outlet and
flowing into the sea, with a distance of only 90km.


The Salaca is one of those rivers about which thoughts are not divided. Everyone likes it. The Salaca has both long calm stretches surrounded by majestic cliffs and rapids, but the finish at the sea has always been a special highlight of any boat trip.


The Ahja is one of Estonia’s most picturesque rivers. The most popular area to visit is in the middle of the river, in the Ahja River Valley Nature Conservation Area, where 12-20 m high sandstone cliffs, popularly known as the ‘heavenly home’, stand out like steep walls among ancient forests.

Descriptions taken from the website upesoga.lv

The active boating season starts on 01.05. and runs until 01.10.

Under 18s need parental permission to kayak.

The service is not available to persons under the influence of alcohol or other intoxicating substances!

To make kayaking easier, we offer a shuttle service to and from the kayaking site, as well as a rental vehicle so that kayakers can get to and from the kayaking site on their own. Transport service or vehicle rental is not included in the kayak rental price.

In addition, 10 L and 30 L water bags can be purchased.

Application form

After completing the application form, we will contact you to confirm your

Single kayak rental prices:

Number of kayaks/days* 1 day 2 days 3 days and more
1-2 20 € 15 € 10 €
3-4 18 € 14 € 10 €
5 or more kayaks 15 € 10 € 8 €

*prices are per boat, per day

Double kayak rental prices:

Number of kayaks/days* 1 day 2 days 3 days and more
1-2 42 € 37 € 25 €
3-4 38 € 31 € 23 €
5 or more kayaks 32 € 24 € 20 €

*prices are per boat, per day