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The Ķiršlejas Ligumss group of companies offers various agricultural, horticultural and communal farm machinery and aggregates.

We offer a wide range of Japanese tractors: new Mitsubishi tractors, used Iseki, Yanmar, Kubota tractors in various models. Tractors can be fitted with additional equipment (cabs, front loaders, snow shovels of different lengths, buckets and other items) to facilitate and improve the work process.

As you know, a good tractor is not enough for farming, gardening or communal farming, so we offer a wide range of implements and equipment for tilling, maintaining and harvesting. We also have various municipal machines.

A wide range of soil tillage equipment is available: new and used tillers and spare parts in various sizes; ploughs; furrowers; harrows; cultivators. Potato diggers, mineral-salt spreaders and other products are also available. There are also tractor-mounted mowers of different types and sizes.

We also offer single-axle and double-axle agricultural/utility trailers in different sizes and colours.

The range of products is extensive and changes daily, so if you are interested or have any questions, feel free to call the number above or send us an email or fill in the form and we will recommend and find the right product for you.

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