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Autoserviss Ligumss Smiltene
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Ligumss has a wide range of car services. Our quality and low costs are appreciated by both private clients and large companies. We can provide fast and high-quality car repairs.

Both services include:

Maintenance and repair of all car manufacturers (up to 14t):

  • suspension inspection and repair
  • Brake maintenance and repair;
  • bench brake testing also for commercial vehicles up to 8 tonnes and vehicles with dual wheels on the rear axle;
  • oil and filter changes;
  • change of timing belts;
  • engine replacement and repair
  • gearbox reducer replacement and repair;
  • Repair of a power transmission;
  • Checking and adjusting wheel geometry;
  • installation of gas equipment
  • Calibration, servicing and installation of tyre pressure monitoring sensors;
  • installation of alarm and anti-theft systems
  • glass replacement.


– Tyre storage for the season: 20.00 € per set.
Quality at an affordable price;
Fast service;
Solutions for complex situations;
Troubleshooting; Storage of tyres in a specialised warehouse.

Book an appointment for tyre fitting, balancing and storage or ask our technicians any questions you may have!


Tilt adjustment on the latest generation bench!

Stability on the road, Easier handling, Longer tyre life.

– Inspection of rolling element assemblies, components and wear.
– Cleaning and threading the steering rod.
– Replacement of torsion bolts with new ones (if the customer wishes, they can be left unchanged).
– Tilt – steer adjustment on the latest generation HUNTER stand

Book a vehicle alignment or ask our technicians any questions you may have!


– Diagnostics – detecting electronic faults and Freon leaks.
– Filling air conditioners with R134a gas
– Repair of air-conditioning systems.
– Full climate control serviceability diagnostics.
– Detection of micro-leaks with dye.
– Filling the system with Freon.
Refrigerant charge with R134a gas;
High-quality coolants and parts, professionally handled.


– Repair and painting of any make and model year
– Damage assessment for insurance. (If the repairs are carried out by us, the valuation will be free of charge.)
– Body polishing.
– Bodywork paintwork inspection with measuring device.
– Welding, brazing and repair of plastic parts.
– Preparation of repair estimates.
– Free car storage.

Book a car bodywork repair and painting or ask our technicians any questions you may have!

Towing Services


+371 – 22 02 60 26

Ligumss offers fast delivery of cars to our garage by tow truck, as well as transport services throughout Europe up to 5 tonnes.

If your car has been in an accident, don’t worry, we are ready to help – our sliding platform tow trucks can handle the loading of any car – with locked wheels or steering wheels, with locked doors or without keys, and after any accident, even a very serious one.

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