400 x 200 cm EURO C-750 / L8


Opening front board: +40.00 eur
Opening awning for the front: +30.00 eur
Front part of a split awning: +70.00 eur
Torsion bridge, load capacity: 1350kg +145.00 eur
Spare wheel R13: +85.00 eur
Spare wheel R14C: +120.00 eur
Load securing loop on the floor 1 piece: +6.00 eur
Load securing loop sunk into the floor 1 piece: +18.00 eur
Support leg, bolt, load 1300 kg, 1 piece: +100.00 eur
Support leg, load 200 kg, 1 piece: +25.00 eur
Raised boards, height 50cm, +30.00 eur / 1m
Raised boards, height 70cm, +40.00 eur / 1m


Price with awning: 2895.00 EUR incl. VAT
Price without awning: 2340.00 EUR incl. VAT

Length inside/outside: 395/400 cm
Width inside/outside: 195/200 cm
Frame: square tubes, hot-dip galvanised
Boarding height: 35 cm
Opening tailgate
Awning height: 140 cm (from floor: 170 cm)
Total height from ground: 235 cm
Wheels: 13 inch M+S
Bridges: torsion 2×750 kg
Pilna masa: 750 kg
Floor: moisture-resistant plywood, thickness 9 mm


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